Return To Iringa

I am sure you are all well aware of the trip that Mike Whiteman organised to East Africa for many of the people who attended the Iringa.Ourfamily 2003 Reunion. One of the highlights I am told was the return to the school itself. Here is what Mike had to say:

You may have heard down the grapevine that both my programmes were a great success. When we all met up again on the 6th October at The Carnivore, Nairobi, it was like listening to a school of excited young kids! Emotion was boiling over.

The Serengeti/Manyara/Ngorongoro/Tarangire group said it was the best they had ever experienced! But Dar/Iringa was quite extraordinary. I had only arranged for a few things in Iringa, mainly access, meeting with the H.M. and a chance to look about! Well, the greeting on the morning of 4th October 2003 was just something that even the Queen would have been taken aback with. 870 pupils, all the teachers, H.M., Governor of the Iringa Region, National Television, journalists. We were treated to an hour plus song/dance/speeches and presentation of gifts to all. Men as well as the girls were emotionally overcome by it all. It made you feel so proud. The pupils were just amazing. Lunch - well I cannot believe they had ever seen food like this, what it must have cost the school heaven knows!

The Governor gave me the keys to the City of Iringa and we were all made to feel like kings and queens.

By the way there were some equally emotional scenes on the flight home, Patricia Hall cried most of the way home. She had asked me before we left the UK to throw her return ticket away. I feel as though I should have done!

Let us hope the next one is not 41yrs from now as we may all look a lot more wrinkled!



Giraffe again. In danger of being attacked by many Iringans in search of that elusive photo with the school emblem!

OK - left to right - Karin, The Quicks, The Tribes, Mike (Warren) and the Patersons.

What a nice photo - Daphne and Mike returning to wreak havoc with the school again!


Many thanks to Mike for taking the photos that appear on this page as well as for the write up that he did.

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