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Girls going into the hall for assembly

Morning assembly with Rev Beesley

Changing classrooms

Fetching books from the lockers

House Mistresses - Palmer, Carter, Pritchard, Henery

Is it dead? Asks Rupert Booth......   sounds like a case for Miss Marple!

Biology lab, is that Bambi in a previous incarnation?

Anna Boddy and the Headmaster

Was that 1 or 2 teaspoons of arsnic per teacher?

First meeting of 'puffy skirts anon

He can be glad his mother cant see his hair

Prefects common room - note the off-kilter picture!

Prize giving - approx 1959

Collecting food from the canteen

Girls dining hall - Carter house section

Girls dining hall

Again - the girls dining hall, obviously the boys never ate......

Sports day - nice scenic photo this one is

Girls netball

Girls hockey

Boy scouts circa 1960 - Dave Moss trying a levitation trick!!

Girls hockey team (circa 1961)

Boys hockey team 1963

Carter house athletics team (we think)

front entrance (circa 1962)

school prefects (circa 1962)

The staff (approx 1961 AD).