History of Iringa.Ourfamily

The original Iringa.Ourfamily website and student listing was started in 1998 by the unfriendly webmaster with the express intention to try and find out “what had happened” to various of Nadia Koulikoff's friends from St Michaels and St Georges way back when.  Little was he to know the extent to which the little web list would grow to.  Hosted in Sweden, with two pages, one the index, the other the listing, I did not think it would be much of a success.

The listing started with under 20 students listed and no staff.  In the years that followed we eventually gathered more than 250 students and teachers for the listing, which was starting to take over a rather large portion of my life. 

After what was a fast and furious beginning, (Simon Lockley was found at the first attempt, in a single day, and even responded that he remembered Nadia and sent encouraging emails) Iringa.Ourfamily bumbled along slowly and rather aimlessly for a while.  Many people didn’t seem to be thinking along the lines of using the Internet to try and find old friends and the not so friendly webmaster was rather inept at getting the site listed amongst the search engines.  Eventually the growth of the listing started with families organizing with siblings to list, then friends told each other of the site; and slowly, but very surely the site started to gain momentum.

Ultimately though, the main impetus of Iringa.Ourfamily is due to the fact that so many Iringans are willing to open their homes to hordes of fellow ‘golden oldies’.  Gatherings bring tales of a time gone by, photos of the young people with little or no fashion sense and friendly banter as to who really used to do what at school and the old arguments of ‘who is this in the photo?’  It must be added that to this day, some of the people in the photos have not been properly identified, so it might be that we need another reunion or two to sort details like that out!  It seems that as more and more people attended the ‘Mini Reunions’ (as I like to call them), the attendees spread the enthusiasm for the site to others.

Now, this the third generation of the site, resides in the USA.  The hideous background colour appeals to the not so friendly webmaster, and that's all the reason there needs be to keep it.  The site is kept alive (in a bad month we use 300MB of bandwidth, going well over 1GB on a  good one) by the sponsorships from various of the Old Boys and Girls.  You will see their ads on the 'Supporters' page.  Please, in turn, support them when and where you can.  To those who have not as yet done so - please support your site (ie. this one) as it is only fair that the financial burden is shared amongst all the users.  Please contact Nadia with respect to donations.

Well that's all for the moment folks.  Remember to go to the reunions, and keep on looking for more of the lost Iringa.Ourfamily members and then get them to register.