This is the site for the Iringa.Ourfamily community,  comprising of the students and teachers of St Michael's and St George's schools based in Iringa Tanganyika all those years ago.  The only other way to be included in the list of Iringans is to be declared an Honorary Iringan for input to the Iringan Family.  So far we have well over 250 pupils, 7 teachers and 2 Honorary Iringans listed.


The 'mission' of the site, as much as we actually have one, is to keep the old boys and girls in contact with each other, to encourage mini-reunions, as well as to assist in the three yearly large scale reunions that are organized.  Thus we encourage people to use the site to contact their old friends!  If you are an Iringan that is using the list that has not listed your name, please have the courtesy to do so by emailing Nadia with your details so we can add you to the list.


If you have any queries on the site in general, please contact either Nadia or Andrew.


Please note that the photos in many of the later mini-reunions tend to be quite large, as this makes identification of the attendees far easier for those of us with bad eyesight (mainly the not so friendly webmaster).  Please be patient while they download.  Also, the site tends to use bolder script that looks overblown in anything under 1280x1024 pixel screen settings.  This is due to the fact that the unfriendly webmaster hates small text!