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For photos 4 to 14 we would like to pass the credit to Mike Ridley who took the photos when he was back at the school in July 1998.


The start of building at Iringa (with thanks to Stuart Cook).

Front Entrance taken in1959.

The Hall in perspective.

The labs taken from the back stairs.

Oram House.

The School Entrance.

Road leading to the School.

Road to Iringa.

Main road up to the School.

Playing fields.

One of the Labs.

The Hall.

Steps up to First Floor Lockers.


Palmer House 1959.

Palmer House 1962?

Carter House 1962?

Henery House 1962.

Pritchard House 1962?

Williams House 1962?

Oram House 1962?

Henderson House.

Hodgson House.